A better way to manage moisture to protect skinfolds

Promote skinfold dryness and comfort like never before
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Lock away skinfold moisture to help prevent skin breakdown

Prolonged exposure to moisture can compromise skin and cause damage—like intertrigo, a form of MASD in skinfolds. Moisture management is critical to helping prevent intertrigo and skin breakdown, and we have a versatile, cost-effective solution.

Skinfold Dry Sheets help prevent skin breakdown in two ways. They’re made with a super-soft material that reduces chafing, and they have a super-absorbent core that locks moisture in and away from skin. Plus, Skinfold Dry Sheets are not contraindicated for use with additives. So, each soft, absorbent sheet can be used alone or combined with the best topical treatment for your patient—providing the dryness and comfort your patients need and the flexibility your caregivers want.

Super-absorbent polymer core

Core draws moisture in and away from the skin.

Easy to use

Each 8 oz. sheet is pre-cut to the perfect size—14” x 6”.

Soft, non-chafing material

Ultra soft material is cooling and comforting.

See how Skinfold Dry Sheets help improve outcomes

Promotes skin health

Dry sheets absorb moisture so it doesn’t become trapped within skinfolds.

Preserves patient dignity

Dry sheets keep patients dry, helping to improve dignity and comfort.

Helps prevent infection

Dry sheets reduce skin-on-skin friction that can lead to inflammed skin and increased risk of infection.

Discover effective moisture management

In a Medline laboratory study, Skinfold Dry Sheets were tested against a major competitor to determine their capacity to absorb a solution mimicking human sweat. Skinfold Dry Sheets, with their superabsorbent core, were found to be 12 times more absorbent*—meaning improved skin dryness and comfort.

*Data on file.

Keeping skin folds dry is as easy as 1-2-3

Follow these three simple steps to applying the Skinfold Dry Sheet.

Assess and cleanse

Clean and dry the skin fold.

Apply Skinfold Dry Sheet

Place the sheet as deeply as possible within the skinfold, folding the sheet if necessary.

Change as needed

Allow the skinfold to close evenly over the sheet, changing daily or when the sheet becomes wet.

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