Program Toolkit

The Continence Management Toolkit provides different tools, depending on how much detail is needed. Medline provides a Sizing Chart, Sizing Wheel and a FitRight Tape Measure that each help members of your staff match the right product with the right patient the first time.

Sizing Tools

Chart: The sizing chart provides the most detail. CNAs can find step-by-step instructions, full listing of available sizes and how to pick the right product based on a patient’s weight and waist size. Color coding enables your staff to match product to patient.

Wheel: A patient’s size is only one variable. The Sizing Wheel also takes into account a patient’s mobility and urinary output. By combining this information with the Chart, patients get the right product the first time, which means your staff can spend less time dealing with incontinence complications that can arise from undergarments that don’t fit or don’t have the right level of absorption.

Tape Measure: The tape measure in the toolkit is no ordinary tape measure. It is color coded to match with the system your staff has seen on both the Chart and Wheel. These seemingly small efficiencies help pay dividends for your staff, as they have the tools they need to make the right decisions when it comes to matching your patients with the right products.


Your toolkit also comes with Medline’s exclusive DISCREET I.D. tools which provide standard reference points for identifying appropriate products per patient while at the same time maintaining patient privacy.

For example, your staff carries the lanyard card with them wherever they go and they can refer to the colorful symbols to provide the correct product when they see the corresponding symbol on the patient’s door card. The patient gets supplied with the right product in a discreet way that keeps incontinence private.

Training Materials

The Continence Management program gives you and your team access to a variety of continence assessment and management forms, documents and training materials.

From educational posters to help staff learn about the latest products to easy-to-understand forms to order additional products, the toolkit will provide your staff the tools they need to efficiently serve your patients.

Promote Education with a Butterfly Pin

Included in the toolkit is a butterfly pin that you can give to staff when they complete their training. The pin is a symbol they can wear proudly to show off their expertise, helping them understand the role they play when it comes to continence management and the health and dignity of patients.The pin is one of several resources available to you to promote education and train your staff on proper, consistent protocols.