MEDLINE ARROW-LOK Digital Fusion System

Optimal Stability. Intentional Simplicity. Maximum Versatility.

Designed to be simple, easy to use and effective, the ARROW-LOK® Digital Fusion System includes implants and corresponding instruments designed to improve upon the performance of existing fusion devices used for fixation of osteotomies, arthrodeses and reconstruction in the lesser toes following corrective procedures.*


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Patented Design

Three-dimensional arrows facilitate insertion while providing resistance to pullout, longitudinal migration and rotational forces.

Elongated Form

The long design allows ARROW-LOK to anchor in dense, subchondral bone at the base of the proximal phalanx, ensuring excellent stability.

Uniform Strength

ARROW-LOK’s uniform shaft dimension maximizes implant strength by avoiding potential stress-risers found in more complex implant designs.

Intuitive Technique

Simple, familiar surgical technique and instrumentation for repeatable and optimal patient outcomes.

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*This device is not intended for use in the spine.