Oral and enteral nutrition

The price of malnutrition is high—with increased mortality and up to a 300% increase in costs.1

From decreased energy and poor appetite to skin breakdown, the effects of malnutrition are of significant concern. Undiagnosed malnutrition can lead to gaps in care quality—creating a negative impact on timely diagnosis and early interventions.


Evidence indicates that up to 50% of patients are malnourished or at risk for it at hospital admission, but only 7% are actually diagnosed1


Rate that malnourished post-operative patients experience complications and increased mortality vs. well nourished patients2

Nutrition is essential to patient health and recovery

We understand the importance of receiving optimal nutrition, and the benefits that a healthy diet can provide.

Our continuously evolving and expanding nutritional offering is part of Medline’s Skin Health program and includes a variety of clinically tailored products—all formulated to help repair and nourish the body, enhance recovery, lessen the reliance on pharmacological intervention and reduce healthcare costs.

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Pre-Surgery Carb+

Reduce post-op surgical stress and enhance recovery

Surgical stress in the presence of fasting may delay recovery. But complex carbohydrate-rich drinks given pre-operatively may improve outcomes and improve post-operative recovery.

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Protein support

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Wound healing support

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Therapeutic interventions

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Pre-surgery nutrition

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Clinical Resources

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Informational literature

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Clinical education

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