Integrated Delivery Network

Solving challenges across your network is our priority.

The climate is changing. Revenue pressures and competitive threats are on the rise. Now more than ever, you need a strategic partner who can help you navigate change, improve patient care and control costs system wide.

Medline answers the call. With expertise and dedicated resources in every care setting, we’re uniquely positioned to help you thrive in this new environment. From managing expenses and supply chain efficiencies to improving care standardization and clinical outcomes, we design solutions to flex with your unique needs.


Discover how Illinois-based Riverside Healthcare achieved systemness with its wound care program.

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Business Solutions

Our goal is to help you manage total costs and stay competitive. We work together to implement solutions that increase visibility and control, drive efficiency and improve cost savings.

Supply Chain

Optimize your supply chain no matter how complex your system becomes. Partner with our supply chain specialists to increase productivity, simplify inventory management and reduce total costs.

Technology & Analytics

Gain more visibility and control with robust data, predictive analytics and intuitive software. Explore innovative programs that provide actionable data to help protect revenue and improve clinical integration.

Branding & Patient Experience

Discover creative solutions to help improve the patient experience, including CarePacs and Quiet Kits. Keep your network top of mind with corporate branding and social sustainability programs designed to build loyalty and drive awareness.

Clinical Solutions

Stay out in front of evolving patient safety and quality standards. Explore clinical solutions designed to help standardize care, reduce readmissions and improve outcomes — across the care continuum.

Skin Health

Strengthen outcomes with evidence-based skin solutions, staff education and outcomes management tools.

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Infection Prevention

Discover advanced products, staff education and outcomes management tools, all tailored to support best practice and reduce variation.

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Continence Management

Find solutions to manage incontinence that emphasize practice and technique via high-quality products, education and easy-to-use management tools.

Staff Management

Explore comprehensive training, retention support, online CE courses and more at

Care Transitions

Now is the time to ensure your post-acute care partners meet quality benchmarks — and continue to improve and sustain overall quality long-term, no matter where a patient receives care.

We can help. Every day, we work with post-acute care providers to:

  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Accurately and efficiently report quality data
  • Promote patient care standardization
  • Manage patients with multiple disease states
  • Increase family and patient satisfaction scores

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Oral Health Across the Age Spectrum: Nurses

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Medline | Colaboration

How the power of collaboration can help healthcare organizations enhance operational efficiencies.

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