Grant Application Guide

We support investigator-initiated studies, fellowship and educational programs.

In order to be considered, you must register and submit a completed application with all supporting documents through the links listed in each section. Once your proposal is submitted, an email confirmation will be sent. If further information is required, you will be contacted by the Grant Program Manager.

Investigator-Initiated Studies Program

Research support

The IIS Program provides support for research that advances scientific and medical knowledge about Medline products and generates promising approaches to medical care. Our support of projects can include direct funding to cover all or a portion of study-related costs, product and study design input. Proposals are competitively reviewed; acceptance is based on scientific, medical and health economic merit and alignment with Medline’s strategic business interests. Application deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each year. All requests received during the application period will be reviewed after the deadline. If the Scientific Review Committee approves an application, execution of an agreement is required for disbursement of funds, which includes milestones and publishing expectations.

  • Advanced Wound Care: Research investigating use of products for prevention of wounds, pressure injuries, moisture associated skin damage, skin tears, surgical site infections, and incontinence associated dermatitis as well as patient comfort associated with product useo Evaluation of wound care products with negative pressure wound therapy
  • Anesthesia: Pain management, flow rate and drug dispersion, and pressure infuser assessment research for anesthesia and pain management products
  • Diagnostics: Diagnostic device research for products including blood pressure devices, glucose meters, blood collection devices, remote patient monitoring devices, automatic diagnostic devices, Doppler-guided devices, and portable lab diagnostic devices
    o Research evaluating the performance of Point of Care and diagnostic testing devices
  • Exam Gloves: Research evaluating the performance characteristics of gloves and hand hygiene enhancement and compliance while using gloves
  • Fluid Management Systems: Research evaluating the performance characteristics of fluid management devices, efficacy of remote blood pressure monitoring techniques, and assessing radial access intervention techniques and associated clinical outcomes
  • Foot and Ankle/Orthopedic: Research investigating novel techniques, uses, and indications for foot and ankle products
  • Infection Prevention/Infection Control: Research utilizing alcohol (EtOH) nasal swabs for potential reduction of pre-operative surgical site infection, universal decolonization protocols, and infection reduction in high risk patent populations (such as Intensive Care Unit)
  • Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals: Nutritional products and feeding device research including nutritional content performance and environmental impact
  • Operating Room: Research evaluating the performance characteristics for surgical devices and patient warming devices
  • Personal Care: Research evaluating the performance characteristics of personal care product use
  • Reprocessed Single-Use Devices: Research evaluating the performance characteristics, efficacy, and environmental impact of reprocessed devices
  • Respiratory: Research evaluating the performance characteristics, healthcare outcomes, and satisfaction of device use for respiratory products including airway management devices, air delivery systems, and oxygen therapy devices
  • Skin Antiseptics: Infection prevention and infection control research utilizing skin antiseptics to evaluate the potential for preventing surgical site infections and hospital-acquired infections and cost analysis associated with product use
  • Skin Health: Skin care management research focusing on pressure ulcer prevention, post-operative infection prevention, protecting the skin from injury and tears, and prevention of bacterial infections in skin folds
  • Textiles & Environmental: Environmental cleaning research to investigate the potential for reducing hospital-acquired infections
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation: Research assessing the performance characteristics of therapy and rehabilitation equipment use
  • Tissue Regeneration:
    Research assessing the performance of products promoting tissue regeneration and optimizing the speed and quality of wound healing for acute and chronic wounds and burn injuries
  • Urology: Urological product research including performance evaluations, clinical/health economic outcomes, and device usability and preference
  • Vascular Access and Bundle Kits for Insertion and Maintenance: Patient outcomes and infection rate performance research using vascular access and bundle kits for insertion and maintenance
    o Research on the efficiency and efficacy of kitting supplies, clinical effectiveness, and clinical outcomes of kit and tray products
    o Research related to line insertion, care, and maintenance demonstrating product efficacy, workflow, reduction in vessel damage, and the potential to prevent infections

Fellowship Grant

Advancing education and training

Fellowships play an important role in ensuring that fellows are trained in the latest medical procedures and technologies.

Applications for awards are submitted by teaching institutions, community hospitals, medical societies, and associations that have a bona fide fellowship program and selection process to determine fellowship recipients. Fellowships are not contingent upon the use, purchase, recommendation of Medline’s products. The fellowship application deadline is March 31st of each year. Applications will not be reviewed by the Committee until after this date and grants will be awarded for fellowships once per year.

Educational Grant

Supporting education and patient care

Financial and product support is available for educational programs and activities that promote health care provider education, enhance the quality of patient care, and align with Medline’s therapeutic and clinical interests.

Education proposals that may be considered for financial support include accredited education activities, independent education activities, web-ex programs, publication/monograph development, national/regional scientific and medical congresses and symposia, and patient/caregiver education relating to medical or public health information/needs. Grant recipients maintain independence with respect to the content development and delivery of the funded program or activity. Application deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each year. All requests received during an application period are reviewed competitively and awarded after the deadline. Please keep these deadlines in mind to ensure your application will be reviewed before the event date.

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