Building tomorrow’s supply chain takes long-term investments

Learn about our Healthcare Resilience Initiative—a three year, $1.5 billion capital expenditure to keep ahead of the needs of the healthcare supply chain and speed delivery to customers.

Zone in on zero harm™

Build a strong team defense against HAIs with the shared accountability of a 3-zone prevention strategy.

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Medline wins Preferred Supplier of the Year award

In the midst of a pandemic shut down,
Medline tackles a monumental feat.

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Medline shipping truck driving down a scenic coastal road

Focus on infection prevention

Help everyone in your facility fight infectious pathogens with these best-performing products.

Healthcare worker holding her hand under an IntelObserve Electronic hand sanitizer dispenser

Accurate, affordable system automates hand hygiene compliance monitoring, helping lower HAI risk.

Scientific Air S400 Portable Air Disinfection Device

Uses UVC technology and HEPA and carbon filtration to reduce airborne pathogens in minutes.1

SorbaView Shield dressing and securement device covering a catheter on a patient’s neck

One-step dressing and securement protects insertion site and prevents catheter movement.

Nurse-designed and organized to guide clinicians step-by-step through aseptic IUC insertion.

1. Data on file.

Supply chain solutions

We work together to create efficiencies that save you time, labor and space.

Person sitting at a table, working on a laptop computer with supply chain software on the screen

This exclusive platform transforms data intelligence into greater supply chain efficiencies and cost savings.

Manufacturing center workers wearing head-to-toe sterile coverings while assembling a custom procedure tray

From pack assembly to sterilization, we’re a one-stop source for all your surgical needs.

View inside a spacious Medline distribution center

We help you create a more efficient flow of supplies–from distribution center to point of use.

Clinical solutions

With over 200 clinicians on staff, we bring you evidence-based best practices and tools to help solve today’s tough challenges.

Skin Health key graphic—a pair of clasped hands surrounded by concentric circles in a range of flesh tones

Skin Health

Improve outcomes with our holistic approach to skin and wound care.

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Infection Prevention key graphic—close up of a masked face, focused on the eye area, surrounded by differently sized dots in shades of green

Infection Prevention

Fight hospital-acquired infections in three vital areas: environment, caregiver and patient.

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Continence Care key graphic—smiling healthcare worker and patient, embracing and surrounded by a purple flower

Continence Care

Create a dignified resident experience with the right products and online education.

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Two women participating in discussion at a Medline Institute for Healthcare Excellence leadership event

Experience the Medline Institute for healthcare leaders

Learn how to cultivate transformational leadership within your organization.

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Compass graphic—improve care quality, be the preferred choice, reduce supply spending and work more efficiently

Work with us to bridge supply chain and clinical performance

Together, we tackle your top priorities, helping you achieve your long-term goals.

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