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Introducing 80% alcohol antiseptic hand rub. Helps reduce bacteria on the skin that can cause disease.

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We do the legwork for you, identifying and developing the best-performing products across the continuum.

LiquiBand Rapid Topical Skin Adhesive wound closure

Dries in as fast as 30 seconds for stronger, better wound closure.

IoPlex Iodophor Foam Dressing with slow release iodine for wound healing

Slow release iodine helps fight biofilm in the wound to promote healing.

PluroGel Burn and Wound Dressing softens, loosens and traps debris for better healing

Softens, loosens and traps debris to prepare the wound bed for healing.

Remedy Intensive Skin Therapy is next generation, botonical rich skin care

Next generation skin care made of pure, botanical-rich ingredients.

Supply chain solutions

We work together to create efficiencies that save you time, labor and space.

Medline supply chain analytics platform transforms data into greater efficiencies and cost savings

This exclusive platform transforms data intelligence into greater supply chain efficiencies and cost savings.

Medline custom procdure trays are packed and sterilized for immediate use

From pack assembly to sterilization, we’re a one-stop source for all your surgical needs.

MedTrans truck in route everywhere and logistics create efficient flow of supplies from distribution to point of care

We help you create a more efficient flow of supplies–from distribution center to point of use.

Clinical solutions

With over 200 clinicians on staff, we bring you evidence-based best practices and tools to help solve today’s tough challenges.

Skin Health improves outcomes with holistic approach to skin and wound care

Skin Health

Improve outcomes with our holistic approach to skin and wound care.

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Infection prevention can happen through environmental, caregiver and patient changes

Infection Prevention

Fight hospital-acquired infections in three vital areas: environment, caregiver and patient.

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Continence care can be a dignified experience for residents and caregivers with the right products and education

Continence Care

Create a dignified resident experience with the right products and online education.

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Medline Institute for Healthcare Excellence has programs to cultivate transformational leadership within your organization

Experience the Medline Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Learn how to cultivate transformational leadership within your organization.

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Our approach to bridging clinical expertise and supply chain efficiency in 4 key areas

Work with us to bridge supply chain and clinical performance

Together, we tackle your top priorities, helping you achieve your long-term goals.

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Shown is just a sampling of the content we offer, curated by industry experts.

Supply Chain Optimization Magazine for insights into industry expertise and challenges

Read how your peers are solving today’s supply chain challenges.

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Healthy Skin magazine articles from skin and wound care experts

Find essential articles from skin and wound care experts.

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