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Generation Pink Media Kit

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Thank you for purchasing pink gloves and taking the first step to raising breast cancer awareness. Now it’s time to tell your employees, community and local media about the good work you are doing.

To help you, we’ve developed a media kit with ideas, tips and customizable templates to create buzz around your organization’s efforts.

Simply download the full 2016 media kit or click on the individual tools below to select only what you need.

Download the Complete 2016 Media Kit

Download an Individual Component

Media Relations

Customize these editable templates with your story to send to your local media contacts.

  • Press Release

    Send out a press release to tell local media how you’re raising breast cancer awareness.

  • Media Pitch

    A pitch letter can help tell your story or promote your events to the local media.

  • Internal Newsletter

    Remind your colleagues about what pink gloves stand for. Publish this article and announce any additional activities your organization is planning.


Promotional Ideas

Fun concepts and ideas to help you raise breast cancer awareness in your community.

  • Fact Sheet

    Fact Sheet

    Knowledge is power in the fight against breast cancer. Post on your website or in break rooms, email it along with a breast cancer awareness message, or pass it around during public forums.


  • Sticker Templates

    Sticker Templates

    These easy-to-make stickers can be placed on anything and everything to generate awareness and start a conversation.


  • Donation Box

    Inspire participation with this easy-to-construct donation box. Place it on registration desks or in the cafeteria, break rooms, or any high traffic areas.


  • Thought Starters

    Following are thought-starters to help you develop ideas to spread the word to your key audiences. Let us know what ideas worked for you.


Awareness Posters

These posters are perfect for hanging on the bulletin board, displaying on a table in the conference room, or handing to your nearby community centers.

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