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ERASE CAUTI® Prevention Program

ERASE CAUTI® Prevention Program

Revolutionary Approach to Managing Catheters

ERASE CAUTI® Prevention Program

Reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections with a revolutionary one-layer tray design and education and awareness tools.

Customer Testimonial: Mercy Medical Center


We know urinary tract infections are the most common hospital-acquired infections (HAI) in the United States. We also know most of these infections are attributable to indwelling Foley catheters. So why are up to 25 percent of hospital patients catheterized? Why do we catheterize without a valid clinical reason? And why do many catheters remain in place far longer than they need to be or should be?

Healthcare workers go to extraordinary lengths to provide the best possible care. And although intentions are well meaning, infections and medical errors occur far too often. Now is the time to ERASE CAUTI.

The ERASE CAUTI program combines a revolutionary 1-layer tray design with education and awareness to help eliminate catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

Program Features:
Innovative Catheter Tray
Medline's revolutionary one-layer tray is designed to promote accurate and consistent Foley catheter insertion. Learn more

Staff Education & Training
Interactive courses and competencies provide staff training on how to use the tray and strategies to prevent CAUTI. Medline’s dedicated clinicians help staff with in-servicing, product selection and more. Learn more
Patient Education
Every tray includes an attractive patient education card providing information on their Foley catheter and how to properly care for it. Learn more
Program Support
Your dedicated program manager helps staff implement the education program and delivers regular program performance results to show savings to facility and infection reduction rates. Learn more

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