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abaqis® Quality Management

abaqis® Quality Management System

Improve Your Quality of Care and Survey Results

abaqis® Quality Management System

Manage QAPI mandates and many other facets of quality improvement with the comprehensive and easy-to-use abaqis® Quality Management System.

abaqis Quality Management System Overview


You provide quality care for your residents because it’s the right thing to do. You focus on survey performance because it’s required. You address federal regulations because it’s the law. Now, one quality assurance (QA) tool helps drive success in all three.

Consistent use of abaqis® helps prepare you for either QIS or traditional surveys with proven results. It uses a combination of resident interviews, observations and record reviews to provide actionable data that identifies the regulatory areas where you should focus your quality improvement efforts. The emphasis on resident-centered feedback also helps you pinpoint customer satisfaction areas that need attention.

abaqis® is ideally suited for quality improvement because it facilitates daily assessment at a sustainable level and combines that with real-time drill-down analysis for facility-level use and roll-up reporting for managing multi-facility organizations. Using abaqis® helps you identify the root cause of issues and concerns, so you can allocate resources to the specific areas where you most need improvement. Whether you employ it for QA and performance improvement, regulatory compliance, or customer satisfaction, being able to focus your improvement efforts helps you to spend more time on resident care.

Program Features

abaqis qapi compliance

QAPI Compliance

abaqis® can help you develop and manage your quality assurance and performance improvement program.

Readmission Tracker

Readmission Tracker

Reduce hospital readmissions through tracking, trend analysis, reporting and continuous improvement.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Get customer satisfaction information from residents and families without the extra work and cost of a traditional satisfaction survey.

* Survey deficiencies for both QIS and Traditional surveys were compared between nursing homes that used abaqis® consistently in the year prior to their most recent survey and those that did not use abaqis® during that period. + Number of nursing homes involved in the study: 233 facilities located in 18 states + Factors controlled for in multivariate analysis: Number of deficiencies on the prior survey, and the organization that operated the nursing home ©2013 Medline Industries, Inc. Medline is a registered trademark of Medline Industries, Inc. abaqis is a registered trademark of Providigm, LLC.

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