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SuperSoft Nasal Cannula

SuperSoft Nasal Cannula

Maintain the Integrity of Delicate Skin

SuperSoft Nasal Cannula


The difference between an ordinary nasal cannula and Medline Respiratory’s SuperSoft nasal cannula is immediately noticeable. It's soft, flexible, and non-sticky so it's gentle on ear, cheek and nose skin - all sites where skin may be compromised with long-term and even short-term oxygen use. Help reduce pressure and friction on delicate tissue. Enhance patient comfort and compliance. Try the SuperSoft nasal cannula today.


  • Helps maintain skin integrity on the ears of oxygen therapy patients
  • Excellent alternative to bulky foam ear cushions
  • Cost-effective alternative to purchasing ear cushions or treating ear sores
  • New patients are less apprehensive of wearing a cannula
  • Existing patients can’t believe how comfortable and gentle these are
  • Good for compliance

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