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Drug Buster Drug Disposal System

Flushing unwanted medicine down the toilet isn’t environmentally responsible. Mixing drugs in with waste isn’t safe. Having highly skilled staff crush pills isn’t cost effective.

The Drug Buster® medication disposal system deactivates and contains the active ingredients in non-hazardous medications, preventing misuse, and deterring them from leaching into soil and water supplies.

This irreversible process begins immediately, taking just 15 minutes to break down pharmaceuticals into a chemically inactive slurry that can be safely put in the regular trash.*

See how it works.


Minimizes the potential for accidental poisoning or abuse. Patented solution makes medications unusable and unrecoverable within minutes.


Protects the environment. Safely deactivates pharmaceuticals, making them safe for disposal in the regular trash.*


Frees up skilled staff. The fast and convenient process offers nurses more time to care for patients or tend to other responsibilities.


Streamlines drug disposal with a cost-effective system for complying with FDA, EPA and DEA guidelines for drug disposal.


Accepts various forms of non-hazardous medications.** Quickly and effectively destroys pills, liquids, controlled substances and transdermal patches.


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