Heavy Wall Flat Bottom Boiling Flask
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Heavy Wall Flat Bottom Boiling Flask

  • Heavy Wall Flat Bottom Boiling Flasks
  • Single Neck Flat Bottom Flask With A Standard Taper Outer Joint
  • Manufactured From 33 Expansion, Low Extractable Borosilicate Glass Conforming To Usp Type I And Astm E438, Type I, Class A Requirements

  • Product must be used in compliance with the intended use statement listed on the product or its accompanying product information.


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Material Description Packaging
CSX6015000124 FLASK FT 24/40 50ML 1 EA
CSX6015000224 FLASK FT 24/40 125ML 1 EA
CSX6015000324 FLASK FT 24/40 250ML 1 EA
CSX6015000424 FLASK FT 24/40 300ML 1 EA
CSX6015000429 FLASK FT 29/42 300ML 1 EA
CSX6015000524 FLASK FT 24/40 500ML 1 EA
CSX6015000529 FLASK FT 29/42 500ML 1 EA
CSX6015000545 FLASK FB 1N 250ML 45/50 1 EA
CSX6015000624 FLASK FT 24/40 1000ML 1 EA
CSX6015000629 FLASK FT 29/42 1000ML 1 EA
CSX6015000645 FLASK FT 45/50 1000ML 1 EA
CSX6015000824 FLASK FT 24/40 2000ML 1 EA
CSX6015000829 FLASK FT 29/42 2000ML 1 EA
CSX6015000845 FLASK FT 45/50 2000ML 1 EA
CSX6015000929 FLASK FT 29/42 3000ML 1 EA
CSX6015001024 FLASK FT 24/40 6000ML 1 EA
CSX6015001045 FLASK FT 45/50 6000ML 1 EA
CSX6015002124 FLASK FT 24/40 100ML 1 EA



HPIS Code 520_60_0_0
Latex Free No


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