A World Without Breast Cancer is in Our Hands®

By ordering pink gloves from Medline , you have taken another step toward raising breast cancer awareness. Not only does wearing these gloves increase awareness for breast cancer during National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, but a portion of the sales of these gloves is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to fund free mammograms for individuals who cannot afford them.

Now here’s your chance to inform your community about your efforts. Download the 2014 Media Kit to use simple editable templates to spread the word.

Fall 2014 Media Kit  ➤

2014 Media Kit

In the 2014 Media Kit you will find simple editable templates to help you communicate the good work you are doing in support of breast cancer awareness. Simply change the highlighted areas in yellow on the template to customize with your facility’s information!

Download the 2014 Media Kit to use simple editable templates to spread the work or download specific documents from the categories below.

Press Release

Let the community know you’re wearing pink gloves! Send out a press release to share what you’re doing to raise breast cancer awareness and encourage others to get involved.

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Media Pitch

Invite the media to join in! A media pitch can inspire conversation about both your activities and the benefits of early detection.

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Internal Newsletter

Remind your colleagues about what pink gloves stand for! Publish this article and announce any additional activities your organization’s planning.

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Breast Cancer Fact Sheet

Breast Cancer Awareness Fact Sheet

What is breast cancer? What factors increase the risk of getting breast cancer? Post it on your website, e-mail it along with a breast cancer awareness message, or pass it out during public forums- but this is information everyone needs to know!

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Promotion Ideas

Breast Cancer Awareness Fact Sheet

Breast cancer awareness is worth spreading the word! Put a Promotions Committee together, hold a fundraiser, bake sale, car wash, or hold a “wear pink” day! Our team put together a couple ideas of our own to promote pink gloves and breast cancer awareness — let us know what creative ideas you come up with and be sure to take lots of pictures!

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Awareness Posters

Breast Cancer Awareness Fact Sheet

Early detection saves lives. These easy-to-download posters are perfect for hanging on your bulletin board, laying out on a table in the conference room, or handing to your nearby community centers.

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The Pink Glove Dance (PGD)

Learn more about the Pink Glove Dance

Pink Glove Dance

In 2009, the Pink Glove Dance began in Portland, OR at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center with 200 dancers wearing pink gloves. The video has since generated more than 13 million views on YouTube®. More importantly, the video prompted millions of heartwarming reactions filled with inspiration and joy from breast cancer survivors and their families and friends. The PGD competition began in 2011 and since then, over 80,000 people have danced in pink gloves! This year, each team must donate $2,000 to a breast cancer-related organization, and the top three videos (chosen by public votes) will win a donation to a Medline-approved breast cancer charity of their choice.

pinkglovedance.com   ➤

Pink Glove Dairies


This unique movement is all about letting people know they are not aslone in this fight. In the spirit of compassion that the Pink Glove Dance spreads across the globe, we invite you to share your triumphs, challenges and cheers here in the Pink Glove Diaries.

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3 Gloves, 3 Ways to Think Pink

Generation Pink® Pearl Nitrile Gloves

Generation Pink Pearl Gloves

They’re the perfect combination of soothing comfort, extra protection, superior chemical resistance, and glamorous sheen (just like your favorite string of pearls).
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Generation Pink® Nitrile Gloves

Generation Pink Gloves

The original Generation Pink glove that offers proven barrier protection and exceptional sensitivity to the touch.
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Generation Pink 3G Vinyl Gloves

Generation Pink Vinyl Gloves

These pink gloves come in the most advanced vinyl for supreme softness and comfort. Item #: PINK6075

Beyond the Shock

In 2005, Medline launched a breast cancer awareness campaign and partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to save lives through educational resources, early detection programs, and free mammograms. The NBCF’s Beyond The Shock® is a comprehensive online guide to understanding breast cancer. It is a resource for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, a place for loved ones to gain a better understanding of the disease and a tool for doctors to share information.

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Since 2005, Medline has committed more than $1.2 million to the NBCF to help fund mammograms for individuals who cannot afford them as well as other educational and prevention resources.

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National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC

The mission of the National Breast Cancer Foundation is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. Their mission includes increasing awareness through education, providing diagnostic breast care services for those in need, and providing nurturing support services.

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