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General Documents and Forms

Shipping Instructions and Procedures

Key Vendor Program
(53 KB, PDF*, January 2006)
Vendor Communication Letter
(20 KB, PDF*, February 2009)
Vendor Routing Guide Instructions
(641 KB, PDF*, January 2013)

Credit Applications

STEP 1 Click here to set up a credit account with Medline

If you are unable to access the online account setup or if you would prefer to complete the application manually, please select the appropriate form from the options below.
CA / IL Residents Only:  Medline Credit Application Package (60 KB, PDF, April 8, 2013)
PA / WA / TN / TX Residents Only:  Medline Credit Application Package (60 KB, PDF, April 8, 2013)
All other regions:  Medline Credit Application Package (60 KB, PDF, April 8, 2013)
STEP 2 After you have completed either the online form or the PDF form, submit a scanned signature page to or fax it to (847) 837-2765.
STEP 3 After you have received your Medline Account Number, you can proceed with requesting an account on by clicking here.

Medline reserves the right to deny any incomplete or inadequate credit application.

New Accounts

Customer Interest Form (117 KB, Word Document, September 6, 2013)

Interested in becoming a vendor?

If your company is interested in becoming a vendor for Medline's Distributed Products division; please complete our Vendor Inquiry Form. Please note that all information is required. If there is a question that does not pertain to your business, please respond "NA".


Return Goods Policy

Payment Remittance Information

Medline processes paper checks through four regional lockboxes. For your convenience, the table below lists all US zip codes and their corresponding remit-to locations and mailing address. To find the correct lockbox location for your zip code, match the first three digits of your post office zip code to the zip codes listed in the table.

Medline also accepts electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, with CTX as the preferred format. Please contact your Accounts Receivable Services representative or email for setup information.

If you have any questions regarding payment remittance, please contact your Medline AR Services Representative at 800-388-2147.

Click here to download the pdf of the table below.

Note: To determine the proper lockbox address, please use the zip code of the office that mails checks for payment.

System Zip Code Directory

Zip CodesMail ToZip CodesMail To
005-013 Pittsburgh 400-402 Pittsburgh
014-026 Dallas 403-409 Chicago
027-029 Pittsburgh 410   Pittsburgh
030-059 Dallas     411-418 Chicago
060-199 Pittsburgh 420-423 Pittsburgh
200-205 Chicago    424-426 Chicago
206-219 Pittsburgh 427-452 Pittsburgh
220-223 Chicago  453-455 Chicago
224-225 Pittsburgh 456-457 Pittsburgh
226-227 Atlanta   458    Chicago
228-232 Pittsburgh 459     Pittsburgh
233-237 Chicago   460-469 Chicago
238-241 Pittsburgh 470-471 Pittsburgh
242     Chicago    472-479 Chicago
243-279 Pittsburgh 480-483 Pittsburgh
280-282 Chicago   484-639 Chicago
283-286 Pittsburgh 640-679 Dallas
287-368 Chicago  680-693 Chicago
369     Dallas     700-820 Dallas
370-374 Chicago   821    Chicago
375     Dallas     822-847 Dallas
376-379 Chicago  850-864 Los Angeles
380-383 Dallas     865-885 Dallas
384-385 Chicago  889-969 Los Angeles
386-397 Dallas     970-999 Dallas
398-399 Chicago        

Remit To Addresses

Chicago: Medline Industries Pittsburgh: Medline Industries
  Dept CH 14400   Box 382075
  Palatine, IL 60055-4400   Pittsburgh, PA 15251-8075
Dallas: Medline Industries    
  Dept 1080 All Next Day Deliveries:
  P.O. Box 121080   Medline Industries
  Dallas, TX 75312-1080   500 Ross Street
Los Angeles: Medline Industries   Room 154-0460
  Dept LA 21558   Attn: 382075
  Pasadena, CA 91185-1558   Pittsburgh, PA 15262-0001
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