EntraFlo Nutrition Delivery Systems

Your Patient Requires Tube Feeding. Are You Well-Equipped to Meet Their Needs?

Tube feeding isn’t something you encounter every day. But when your patient needs it, the right equipment can make all the difference. Because the last thing you want is to figure out how to use a complicated piece of equipment. Or troubleshoot one that’s prone to breaking down.

We understand. And we can help.

Rely on a System That’s Tried, Tested and Proven.

Our EntraFlo nutrition delivery systems make tube feeding easier for you and your patients. They’re:

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Accurate formula delivery
  • Intuitive operation

Formerly known as COMPAT and COMPAT DualFlo, these pumps have been the standard for enteral feeding for over 20 years.

EntraFlo Nutrition Delivery System

This clinically proven tube feeding system is simple to set up and adjust.

  • Dual display windows let nurses monitor infusion rate, volume delivered and dose limit simultaneously
  • Automatically stops when dose is finished
  • Remembers flow rate, dose limit, volume delivered and accumulated volume
  • 8-hour battery life at 100 ml/hr, rechargeable while pump is operating
  • Convenient rental, lease and purchase options

Simple to Set Up*

Step 1

Activate pump and set desired flow rate

Step 1

Step 2

Insert drip chamber into drip chamber bracket

Step 2

Step 3

Stretch silicone tubing counter-clockwise around pump rotor

Step 3

Step 4

Insert retainer disk in bracket

Step 4

Step 5

Thread tubing through tubing guide

Step 5

*See manual for complete instructions for use.

Download Manual Instructions

Pump Rental and Lease Programs

If purchasing is not the best option for your facility, we offer pump rental and lease programs.

Rental Program

Medline will rent the pump to the customer at a flat monthly charge with no set commitment.

Benefits of renting a pump:

  • No set commitment
  • Flat monthly pump charge
  • Medline in-service available
  • Repair services; replacement pump available

Lease Program

Medline will lease the pump to the customer at no cost, in return, the customer must purchase 18 sets/pump/month.

Benefits of leasing a pump:

  • No rental cost
  • Realistic set commitment (18 sets/pump/month)
  • Medline in-service available
  • Repair services; replacement pump available

Which Feeding System Is Right For You?

With a few quick questions, our Feeding Pump & Set Selector can help you find the device that best meets your needs.

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